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February 24 - March 2, 2024


 Born to support the sustainability of marine life through conservation dive travel

DiverMojo is excited to share our passion for scuba diving travel with you.   

Our international diving adventures are focused on being once-in-a-lifetime trips that give incredible diving, conservation and service experiences in the finest dive destinations around the world.

Our dive travel experts are dedicated to giving you tailor-made experiences whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver. Our trips are unique and for divers who want to contribute to the sustainability of the oceans while having a blast diving! See some of our scuba Traveler Comments here:


We are on hand to offer quick responses and personal support when organizing your trip. DiverMojo loves to offer small group excursions where we focus on creating community. Solo divers are always welcome and are not solo for long! We can provide you with support and a dive buddy.

Have you ever thought about planning a trip for your family or a group of friends?  If you wish a custom dive travel experience, we can plan the entire trip with your requirements in mind, from the destination and accommodation, level of skill or conservation focus.

What a gift.

DiverMojo can also offer expert scuba diving instruction and scuba diving certification. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our learner divers, giving them all the skills they need to feel confident in open water dives. And doing it at their own pace.


Merlin Walberg, the founder of DiverMojo, is an experienced leadership trainer in the corporate world, who has transformed her consulting skills and passion for the ocean into becoming a PADI certified Master Scuba Diver Trainer. She lives and teaches in Ft Lauderdale and on dive trips.

Whether it be cruising on a liveaboard boat to reach unbelievable dive spots or staying in a dive resort, our accommodation is chosen in exotic dive travel destinations for an out of this world scuba diving travel experience.

A prime focus of DiverMojo is marine conservation. Through our trips we invite you to support the sustainability of marine life through conservation dive travel. We guarantee that we are linked with responsible overseas partners for conservation diving.


To join one of our trips, to inquire about certification or for DiverMojo to design a custom dive trip just for you, get in touch.

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