Amos Yahil

Merlin's DiverMojo is a unique diving travel company that combines diving with conservation in a small-group setting. Her customers come back for more dives again and again, making the group feel like family. Highly recommended!


Michelle W

What an amazing trip and experience. Merlin made sure everybody had everything they needed and she had everything very well organized and made this trip memorable. Highly recommend trips with Diver Mojo and will be doing more trips. Thank you.

Robert Venturini

My husband and I went to Belize through DiverMojo on our honeymoon. Merlin (Founder of DiverMojo) coordinated every detail of the trip with absolute precision. Each time we moved to a new town or place, lodging and accommodation were made in advance and the transition was seamless and easy. The first day we all met at Paradise Resort in Placencia and relaxed near the sea with refreshments. The following morning we were on a boat to ReefCI on Tom Owens Caye. We spent the next several days learning how to identify the health of coral reefs and the life contained within them. Those of us who were certified already, were trained on conservation processes on land. On our dives we measured and counted Queen Conch and Lobsters, hunted invasive Lion Fish, and identified various corals that were bleaching. ReefCI does all of this to help identify areas of the barrier reef that need to be protected by their government and the tourists at ReefCI get to help assist in this effort. If you’re a diver who is interested in the health and well being of the ocean you explore, this experience is for you!

When we weren’t diving we spent our time in hammocks strung between palm trees reading and talking with one another. We arrived on the island strangers and when we were boarding the boat to leave it, we were family. Our last 2 days were in the jungle at Cotton Tree Lodge. We were treated to fresh cacao fruit, allspice tea and ingredients of the lodges garden. The last day we did an excursion through the jungle where we reached a cave that had a river flowing through it. We swam through the river into the cave which contained multiple waterfalls. It was absolutely spectacular!

When it was time to fly home, DiverMojo organized all of our ground transportation and regional flights back to the international airport in Belize City. It was a fantastic trip, executed with perfection, and full of adventure!

Gail Markland

Fantastic dives with DiverMojo at Little Cayman Beach Resort. The resort offers valet diving, which makes diving much more fun. Merlin had arranged for a private tour and lecture with the Central Caribbean Marine Institute after several days of diving. There we learned about their efforts to grow coral and transplant it in the ocean. We also took part in a clean up at Owen's Island. We kayaked out to the island, armed with trash bags and collected several bags of trash that had floated onto the tiny island. The entire trip was well organized and all the little details taken care of. Looking forward to the next adventure.

Barbara Taylor

I just went on the Belize Magic debut trip with DiverMojo and it was absolutely amazing! We spent four days on a remote island doing reef conservation, to include removing Lionfish from the reefs! Then we traveled to the jungle for our last couple of days, where we had various tour options available. I joined a group who hiked to a cave, which we swam into and saw two waterfalls! It was fantastic! I highly recommend booking a trip with DiverMojo!

Claire Walmsley

Mojo means Magic and this was my experience with Diver Mojo’s Conservation trip to Belize’s remote Tom Owen island. It was a spell binding experience above and below the ocean. The whole trip was fully supported by Merlin Walberg, the must supportive and enthusiastic buddy with whom one could wish to dive and travel.

At the end of our week we were unanimous, ‘Go Diver Mojo’.