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Traveler Comments

April 2024
Guest name: C.R

My first trip with DiverMojo and can't say enough about the camaraderie of the people who went, the leadership shown by the trip organizer Merlin Walberg and her co-leaders and of course the diving. The ship was great - clean, organized, DMs some of the best I have been with and of course the food. Will definitely go again.

Raja Ampat amazing!
April 2024
Guest name: C.G

What a great trip! Best so far with DiverMojo. We went on the White Manta out of Sarong Indonesia. I wasn't sure what to expect but took Merlin's word that the ship is amazing! She was not wrong. Met the most amazing people from all over the US and abroad and feel like I have an incredible group of friends from this trip. The diving was great, the food was great, the accommodations were great and the people were all amazing! I cannot say enough about how Merlin attracts such amazing, caring, wonderful is just Magic! or MOJO! I can't wait for my next trip and the trip after that!

Amazing Experience!
April 2024
Guest name: B.B.

Amazing adventure for diver lovers. Great, convenient accommodations, guided dive sites, professional friendly staff, food and more. Highly recommended for those who want to seriously dive the amazing Raja Ampat dive sites and see abundance of sea life. Hard to describe. Must be there to see and believe it.

Experienced the amazing!
April 2024
Guest name: B.

Raja Ampat diving is awe inspiring, the White Manta boat and crew is unsurpassed, and the group was pure Merlin - divine.

Attention to detail and comfort!
Feb 2024
Guest name: T.W

Excellent accommodations and attention to details…..snacks between dives! Merlin takes care of all of her guests and addresses any issue that may come up swiftly and effectively. The conservation and educational opportunities throughout the week are an added bonus that are so very important for us all. This was my second trip with DiverMojo and I look forward to participating again!

Never Fails!
Feb 2024
Guest name: C.J.

Third time around and still amazed at level of service of both the dive shop and resort. Trip reflects meticulous planning but is warm and friendly.

Phenomenal experience
March 2024
Guest name: D.H.

DiverMojo is phenomenal. Merlin is a perfectionist who attends to every detail which means you worry about nothing. My trip to Dominica was world-class.

I paid for the trip and got my airfare. Merlin took care of everything else: transportation to/from the resort; booked amazing accommodations and a dive package for us. We also had a fantastic land tour - complete with multiple stops and a picnic lunch. She scheduled a local ocean conservationist to come speak, and planned our meals. We had a celebration gala at the end of our trip.

She made last minute changes without skipping a beat - was so helpful, kind, and professional. Even got up at 4 am to personally see early departures off.

If you’re thinking about traveling with DiverMojo, I would tell you not to spend one more minute thinking about it. Do it!!

I have just returned from Egypt on what has been my absolute favorite group travel experience. Merlin/DiverMojo put together an exceptional itinerary focusing on one week of tourism (all the highlights in Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel, and Luxor), and one week diving in the Red Sea from Marsa Alam. Highlights from our experiences include a camel ride by the pyramids of Giza, fantastic tour of old Cairo and the Egyptian Museum, a beautiful Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor, a day trip to Abu Simbel, a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings (!!!), incredible scuba diving in the Red Sea, a beachfront dinner in a Bedouin tent, and a last night spent stargazing in the desert with an expert astrologer. I was very pleased with our lodging, transportation, and food throughout the trip. Our guides were phenomenal. I am in awe of Merlin's ability to assemble a perfect itinerary, connect with the best local guides, and navigate schedules, times, misc requirements, and concerns throughout the trip. As a single female traveler, I never felt concerned for my safety. I did not know the other travelers before starting the trip, but our group dynamic (from a very diverse group!) was so fun, loving, and respectful. I feel like I left Egypt with many new and dear friends. I am already counting the days until my next DiverMojo trip!

Tanzania and Egypt Magic

October 2022
Guest name: S.P.

I have been on two of Diver Mojo trips and all I can say is WOW! I'm not a diver but I do snorkel and it's been fantastic. You meet new people and may also see familiar faces from prior trips. Regardless if you know anyone or not, you will definitely leave with great memories and new friends! Merlin does a fantastic job putting these adventures together and then sprinkles some extra excitement to the itinerary.

Egypt Magic

October 2022
Guest name: B.H.

Do not hesitate to sign up for ANY of the adventures with DiverMojo. Merlin has a gift when it comes to planning dream vacations, she thinks of every detail to make sure your expeditions are completely exceeded and your mind blown. She also has an uncanny ability to gather groups of people who can travel well together and become fast friends and family. It is impossible not to have a magical time with DiverMojo. Combine your love of diving to dream destinations with amazing sight seeing you will never go wrong with Merlin and DiverMojo.

Unforgettable Experience
August 2022
Guest name: A.R.

My first international trip and my experience was phenomenal! Our trip started out with a week of diving in Zanzibar, then a week of safari on the mainland, Tanzania. Everyone who was on this trip was amazing and new friends were made. Everything was coordinated so precise. The chosen accommodations and meals were also one of a kind. As a shy person, I instantly became comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed myself! Merlin, who owns DiverMojo, is quick to respond and has a great deal of knowledge. She will do anything she can to help someone out if need be. I must say that I’m looking forward to many more travel experiences with DiverMojo!

Tanzania Magic
August 2022
Guest name: A.S.

Merlin, thank you for a trip that exceeded my expectations in every way. You were so helpful and efficient, from my very first inquiry to your complete coordination. The communication and assistance from you, with every aspect and question, was wonderful and greatly appreciated. Once in Tanzania, there are not enough words to describe this amazing experience! Merlin, our dive guides and safari guides, were beyond outstanding: Their knowledge were encyclopedic, and their site selection and leadership for our tours were excellent. Thank you for your painstaking research, negotiating and coordinating an exceptional experience. It was a truly remarkable trip! I want to take this opportunity and thank you for making this experience as amazing as it was. Your warmth, understanding, patience and support made a huge difference throughout the entire two weeks. It was an absolute pleasure spending these weeks with you and I look forward to spending more time with you on upcoming trips. This experience was unforgettable, the level of service you extended to all of us is remarkable, THANK YOU! Diver Mojo is exceptional due to your personal care and unique gift of bringing a group of people together in a shared experience and having it click on all cylinders! I can only think it is because of the magic that is you. It is an honor to have you as a friend and now my travel coordinator.

DiverMojo Never Disappoints
September 2021
Guest name: C.G.

Went on a week scuba trip in the Bahamas...oh the things we saw! Traveled on the Avalon (wanted to give them a shout out)! Sharks, lion fish, lots of sea life and the crazy live aboard experience. There were bumps along the way, but Merlin handles everything. I would recommend DiverMojo for anyone interested in conservation and diving and wants to make life long friendships! Cannot say enough good things!

Trip Date: June 2021

International & local dive destinations focused on conservation, safety & serious fun - I have been on multiple dives, both international & local, with DiverMojo and have yet to have a negative experience. The destination choices are always interesting, may it be a wall dive in Roatan, wreck dive in the Fort Lauderdale area, a drift dive in the Palm Beach area, or a Memorial dive in Miami. The dives are well organized using reputable dive charters focused on safety and conservation. Of course, fun cannot be ruled out. The dives are reasonably priced and reliable.
Merlin, the owner, is communicative and always updating participants on everything from weather/dive conditions to what is needed for international travel. I cannot think of a better word to describer her other an amazing person who is always helpful, kind and motivating. Did I mention she's also a great dive instructor?
Not for one minute would I pause in recommending DiverMojo and will probably be using them for my next diving adventure. Go blow bubbles!

Trip Date: February 2021

Scuba Certification Instructor - In February 2021, at the encouragement of my daughter and my friend Merlin of DiverMojo, I decided to get recertified in Scuba. Best decision ever! Through Merlin’s encouragement and patience I was able to go through the “new” program and take my open water dives at Blue Herron Bridge. My original certification was 45 years ago and a lot has changed since then!! It’s amazing I didn’t drown myself back then! I highly recommend considering Merlin of DiverMojo for Scuba Certification !

Guest Name:    G.

Trip Date: Nov 2020

Florida Wrek Trek - Merlin, the group leader of DiverMojo, in one word the " BEST". This trip was well organized and planned to perfection. 4 days exploring the wrecks of Pompano Beach. It was per heaven. Can wait for the next trip with her.

Guest Name:    A54Anshe54

Trip Date: Dec 2020

Dominica Diving - I just returned from an awesome dive trip to Dominica (Caribbean island) with Diver Mojo. We stayed at the Jungle Bay Resort located in Soufriere just minutes from the town and our dive boat. The resort had beautiful views of the bay, delicious food, and an infinity pool. But the best was the diving. Nature Island Dive took us to the walls and pinnacles where we had excellent visibility and loads of fish. We saw octopus, sea horses, barracudas, nudibranchs, and large healthy sponges, sea fans, and corals. We also did some Lionfish hunting. I highly recommend this trip and Diver Mojo did an excellent job organizing everything. I will take more trips with them.

Guest Name:    H.W.

Trip Date: Oct 2020

DiverMojo in Roatan - Just back from a wonderful dive trip to Roatan with Merlin and DiverMojo. From beginning to end the trip was well organized and just plain fun. I can’t wait to go on another trip with DiverMojo.

Guest Name:    L.H.

Trip Date: Oct 2020

Supportive diving with DiverMojo - This is my 2nd trip with Diver Mojo. As a once a year diver, I’m a bit anxious at the beginning of the trip. Diver Mojo’s staff and veteran divers are helpful with patience and guidance to get me to the sweet spot ASAP. The commitment to giving back to local community adds to the satisfaction of a dive week done well.

Guest Name:    C.J. 

Trip Date: Oct 2020

Fantastic - Just went on a week long dive trip in Roatan with divermojo and had one of the best all inclusive dive trip experiences. And I have been on top rated liver board dive trips before and this trip was very close especially in terms of number of quality dives(14) in a week.
Will definitely recommend and book another trip with Merlin.

Guest Name:    B.B.

Trip Date: Aug 2020

PADI Certification - I did my PADI OW certification with Merlin and had a fantastic experience. Merlin is a great instructor. She is passionate about scuba diving and really enjoys sharing this passion. She is very knowledgeable about the Florida marine life and pointed out many interesting aquatic life during our open water dives. She has a real connection to the ocean. I also completed my Nitrox certification with Merlin. I am now hooked and can’t wait to continue diving with DiverMojo.

Guest Name:    Jerri

Trip Date: Aug 2020

Amazing week of fun!! - My son & I had an awesome week with DiverMojo & look forward to many more fun trips!! We highly recommend this company to anyone interested in conservation dive travel.

Guest Name:    J.B.

Trip Date: Feb 2020

Phenomenal Dive Location - Our trip to Roatán was absolutely amazing! The entire experience was well-organized and stress-free. Everyone we met was very warm and welcoming. We were able to dive at least 3 times every day and we went on many night dives as well. We saw incredible reefs, countless sea turtles, and other beautiful aquatic wildlife. The diving equipment was in great condition and we had wonderful dive masters that took us to the very best places around the island. We also had a lot of fun paddle-boating, lounging at the pool, and swimming with dolphins. We can't wait until our next opportunity to go on another one of DiverMojo's fabulous adventures.

Guest Name:    R.F.

Trip Date: Feb 2020

Merlin makes travel easy! - Such a lovely vacation, everything was taken care of, beautiful location. I sometimes feel anxious getting into my first dive, I don't do it that often, but Merlin made me feel comfortable right from the beginning.

Guest Name:    P.O.

Trip Date:  Feb 2020

Making Magic Memories - I recently returned from a close to nature experience in Belize with DiverMojo & Reef CI. Now I miss the waters, hanging with the fish, the jungle and most of all the people. DiverMojo is artfully doing environmentally conscious holidays with a sustainable heart.

It is such a joy being part of an adventurous group with kind and capable leadership working (and lots of playing!) side by side with conservation organizations to learn more while taking direct action to help the environment.

The variety of activities makes DiverMojo holidays ideal for mixed (diver and non-diver) couples too.

Guest Name:    CAPTKAB

Trip Date: Feb 2020

Belize Magic Diving and Reef Conservation - Truly a remarkable trip from start to finish, beginning with the Art Fair in Placencia to diving and living on a Tom Owens Caye, a remote island, to waking up to the sounds of howler monkeys in the Belize jungle. Well planned trip with a calm and professional leader. Many thanks.

Guest Name:    L.H.

Trip Date: Feb 2020

Diver Mojo in Belize 2020 - Took a leap of faith traveling solo with DiverMojo group. I was not disappointed and have booked my next trip with enthusiasm! The journey started in Placencia, Belize for two nights. Very lovely coastal town. We ate, mediated, and got to know each other. What a great group!…

Guest Name:    I.O.

Trip Date: Feb 2020

Well done, DiverMojo - DiverMojo is top-notch experience in every way. Merlin and Anne made the trip logistics, coordination and preparation look effortless. I was impressed with DiveMojo's personalized customer service. The trip was packed: a remote island, scuba diving, boat tours on rivers, land…

Guest Name:    M.Q.

Trip Date: Feb 2020

DiverMojo-Belize Magic - Great opportunity to help ReefCI gather data and reduce lionfish population in Belize. Merlin and Anne of DiverMojo coordinate trips that include wonderful eco-action opportunities as well as scuba diving!

Guest Name:    C.L.

Trip Date: July 2019

Fabulous dive experience with conservation as it's focus - Thank you Merlin for a fantastic dive experience. Everything was superb, the travel arrangements, the hotel, the valet diving. Looking forward to the next experience

Guest Name:    Gail

Trip Date: May 2019

Exciting and Unique Conservation Travel!! - I'm preparing for my third trip with DiverMojo and so excited!!! Our first trip was to Reef Conservation Institute located off of Placencia, Belize where we were trained to remove Lionfish from the beautiful reef that they are destroying! Not only did we remove them, but they showed us how to filet them, as they are very delicious!! Our last few days were spent in the Jungle where we stayed at the Cotton Tree Lodge. Another beautiful and remote destination! We trekked through the jungle where we did a guided swim through an amazing cave!
Our second trip, was to Little Cayman. Anyone who has been there knows how beautiful the diving is around the island! On this trip, we were surveyed sharks in the area where we counted type and location and reported back to local conservation institute. We also performed a beach cleanup of a small uninhabited island nearby. The hotel where we stayed was beautiful and the food amazing!
In two weeks, I depart for the Maldives where we will be diving and surveying the Mantas in the area!! I can't wait!!
Merlin has done a tremendous job of planning and organizing these trips! I've been diving for 26 years and have never experienced this type of Conservation travel previously! Each trip I meet more fantastic people and divers, as well as, make new friends!!

Guest Name:    Q.B.

Trip Date: July 2019

Fantastic experience and great diving! - I very much appreciated the pre-trip organization and communications. Schedule, costs and pacing needs were easy to understand and thorough. The dive trip was well organized with plenty of options and flexibility. Merlin is thoughtful, kind and is a great organizer. I've already booked my next DiverMojo trip!

Guest Name:   L.C.

Trip Date: Aug 2019

Best diving trips EVER - Merlin W. is truly a “wizard”. She pulls together amazing trips to great destinations that are affordable, family friendly and fun! She has a knack for getting great groups of people together for remarkable experiences. Also all trips have a conservation activity involved so you are giving back to the planet.

We (my 75-year old dad, me and my 12-year old daughter) went with Divermojo to Little Cayman in August and are planning another trip to the Maldives in October. We had both experienced divers and newbies on the trip and it was a total blast. Highly recommend and see you soon on one of Merlin’s trips!

Guest Name:   E.A.

Trip Date: July 2019

Little Cayman dives - Fantastic trip! Merlin is the most accommodating dive group organizer. She linked me with course director Michael Casey of RaiseTheDiveBar, where I earned AOW certification and nitrox. These skills enriched my dives at Little Cayman. The resort Merlin picked is fab and the food delish. The dives and accommodations all organized by Merlin and everything went as smooth as possible. The conservationists component all totally engaging. Visiting the central Caribbean Marine Institute in a few days. Cant wait for Maldives and working with the Maldivian Manta Trust. This style of travel and diving, with the conservation aspect is tremendously satisfying and educational.

Guest Name:   Gail 

Merlin's DiverMojo is a unique diving travel company that combines diving with conservation in a small-group setting. Her customers come back for more dives again and again, making the group feel like family. Highly recommended!

Guest Name:    A.Y. 

What an amazing trip and experience. Merlin made sure everybody had everything they needed and she had everything very well organized and made this trip memorable. Highly recommend trips with Diver Mojo and will be doing more trips. Thank you.

Guest Name:    M.W. 

I just went on the Belize Magic debut trip with DiverMojo and it was absolutely amazing! We spent four days on a remote island doing reef conservation, to include removing Lionfish from the reefs! Then we traveled to the jungle for our last couple of days, where we had various tour options available. I joined a group who hiked to a cave, which we swam into and saw two waterfalls! It was fantastic! I highly recommend booking a trip with DiverMojo!

Guest Name:    B.T. 

Fantastic dives with DiverMojo at Little Cayman Beach Resort. The resort offers valet diving, which makes diving much more fun. Merlin had arranged for a private tour and lecture with the Central Caribbean Marine Institute after several days of diving. There we learned about their efforts to grow coral and transplant it in the ocean. We also took part in a clean up at Owen's Island. We kayaked out to the island, armed with trash bags and collected several bags of trash that had floated onto the tiny island. The entire trip was well organized and all the little details taken care of. Looking forward to the next adventure.

Guest Name:     G.M. 

Fantastic dives with DiverMojo at Little Cayman Beach Resort. The resort offers valet diving, which makes diving much more fun. Merlin had arranged for a private tour and lecture with the Central Caribbean Marine Institute after several days of diving. There we learned about their efforts to grow coral and transplant it in the ocean. We also took part in a clean up at Owen's Island. We kayaked out to the island, armed with trash bags and collected several bags of trash that had floated onto the tiny island. The entire trip was well organized and all the little details taken care of. Looking forward to the next adventure.

Guest Name:    C.W. 

My husband and I went to Belize through DiverMojo on our honeymoon. Merlin (Founder of DiverMojo) coordinated every detail of the trip with absolute precision. Each time we moved to a new town or place, lodging and accommodation were made in advance and the transition was seamless and easy. The first day we all met at Paradise Resort in Placencia and relaxed near the sea with refreshments. The following morning we were on a boat to ReefCI on Tom Owens Caye. We spent the next several days learning how to identify the health of coral reefs and the life contained within them. Those of us who were certified already, were trained on conservation processes on land. On our dives we measured and counted Queen Conch and Lobsters, hunted invasive Lion Fish, and identified various corals that were bleaching. ReefCI does all of this to help identify areas of the barrier reef that need to be protected by their government and the tourists at ReefCI get to help assist in this effort. If you’re a diver who is interested in the health and well being of the ocean you explore, this experience is for you!

When we weren’t diving we spent our time in hammocks strung between palm trees reading and talking with one another. We arrived on the island strangers and when we were boarding the boat to leave it, we were family. Our last 2 days were in the jungle at Cotton Tree Lodge. We were treated to fresh cacao fruit, allspice tea and ingredients of the lodges garden. The last day we did an excursion through the jungle where we reached a cave that had a river flowing through it. We swam through the river into the cave which contained multiple waterfalls. It was absolutely spectacular!


When it was time to fly home, DiverMojo organized all of our ground transportation and regional flights back to the international airport in Belize City. It was a fantastic trip, executed with perfection, and full of adventure!

Guest Name:    R.V.

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